Testimonials Worth Repeating

Testimonials Worth Repeating

A collection of some of our past reviews. If you’re looking for HVAC service that lives up to this kind of hype, call us today at 865-774-9240 and we’ll show you how we got these reviews to begin with!

“Johnny Vess is a great HVAC Tech/Owner and does excellent work and takes great pride in taking care of his customers. Not too many like out there.” – John Siverling

“Johnny Vess is great. I had to call him late at night and he helped me troubleshoot my problem over the phone. He warned me that the fix would be expensive, but after he did the job he told me he did it without using the expensive part. Whem someone comes to repair a “black box” you are completely at their mercy. It is great to know that Johnny is a man who always does the right thing for his customers.”

“I just had all new ductwork and a new unit installed at my home. The whole experience was a good one for me, first thanks to the tech who carefully explained what I needed and why and who came back later after the work was completed to make sure everything was up to snuff.”

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