Be Prepared For The Season

Be Prepared For The Season

Spring is a season that kinda comes in whenever it wants to for each new year. Some years it comes middle of March when we’re taught it’s supposed to, some years it comes around the first week of April, some years it can be considered a late Valentine’s Day present. When you start seeing 60 degree temperatures and the Dogwood trees blooming outside, it means Spring is just around the corner – and time to get your HVAC maintenance plans in place.

There are several reasons to have your HVAC unit serviced at the start of Spring:

  1. It probably got a workout heating your house during Winter.
  2. Allergens from Winter and the starting pollen of Spring are things you probably don’t want in your home’s air circulation.
  3. Making sure it’s in good condition to cool your house during Summer.

If you start off the season with air conditioner service, you’ll catch problems before they escalate and prevent others from happening. Over the winter, debris, dirt, and leaves can build up around the unit. Head outside and clear any debris off that you see and make sure nothing as built up inside the condenser area. We will take your system through a maintenance list that will keep your unit running efficiently through the seasons ahead.

We are often recognized as the Sevier and Cocke county residential HVAC care experts.  We specialize our care in the residential area and work to keep our customers comfortable through every season. We look for customers for life; when we begin to care for your home HVAC unit, we want the very best for your home and those within. Contact Johnny Vess at Mountain Air and Heat today and begin a service contract that allows you to rest in the care of Mountain Air and Heat.