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  • What Causes Heat To Go Out Of Your HVAC?

    What Causes Heat To Go Out Of Your HVAC?

    It’s a nightmare scenario for anyone who lives or stays in the Smokies for the heat in the heater to stop working. It gets anywhere from 50 degrees to 5 degrees between late october to mid-April (almost half the year!) and that can mean your home will be very uncomfortable to operate in, or substantial…

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  • How The Wrong Air Filter Affects Your Home

    How The Wrong Air Filter Affects Your Home

    Hopefully you’ve heeded our advice to change your air filters every month or two months at the latest to help make sure the air quality circulating in your property are the optimum quality to breathe. If so, you’ve probably seen a variety of air filters at the store and wonder what they are. If you…

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  • Be Prepared For The Season

    Be Prepared For The Season

    Spring is a season that kinda comes in whenever it wants to for each new year. Some years it comes middle of March when we’re taught it’s supposed to, some years it comes around the first week of April, some years it can be considered a late Valentine’s Day present. When you start seeing 60…

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  • Time For An Inspection

    Time For An Inspection

    Your furnace is an essential part of your home. It provides heat when you need it giving you that nice cozy feeling on snowy winter mornings, and that incredibly necessary feeling of refreshment on hot summer days. In the Smokies, we can also have seasonal surprises where it might be close to 80 degrees in…

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  • The HVAC Age Question

    The HVAC Age Question

    Is your HVAC system more than 10 years old? Are you making frequent repairs or enduring hot and cold spells in certain rooms? Don’t wait until the system dies. Take a proactive approach and have its performance evaluated by a professional. Johnny Vess, the Air Care Expert with Mountain Heat and Air, is that professional!…

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  • Seasonal HVAC Maintenance For Autumn and Winter

    Seasonal HVAC Maintenance For Autumn and Winter

    Is it crazy to be talking about HVAC maintenance for Christmas when we’re still baking in 90-degree weather? It’d be crazy not to. Unlike Halloween merchandise being available for sale just before Arbor Day, planning ahead for your heating and air condition systems is a requirement in order to prevent emergencies as best you can.…

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